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Is your company finding it difficult to fill sales & marketing jobs? Then, it is time you get in touch with TekSky. As a specialized recruitment firm, we very well understand the difficulty in filling these vacancies. These jobs need special traits and qualifications to be fruitful and our recruiters know how to make them so.


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Different Types of Marketing Jobs:

In a broader sense, marketing consists of different segments such as advertising, public relations, account and brand management, communications and more. It is but natural to find varied roles and various titles within the sales & marketing jobs.
Below are a few of the most common job titles:


Despite the growth of online marketing, offline marketing cannot be overlooked. With this fact, we can understand the need and essence of having talented sales representatives in companies to engage with clients in person and, this engagement can be face-to-face, telephonic or through internet customer service technologies.


Public relations and corporate communications are the most vital elements in marketing. These make use of traditional and online tools to sell products and services effectively. These two enhance the influence and visibility of a company to the employees, stakeholders, media, and other business affiliates.