IT Consulting


Professional IT Consulting Services to take your business from good to great

Take advantage of the benefits that information technology tools and practices can deliver to reach your business objectives more efficiently, saving you time while increasing revenue. Adopting the right IT solutions and practices can allow you to run a well-oiled machine through ease of use, accountability, discipline and quickness.

Project Management Services

As a successful business, you need to fulfill orders and complete projects to deliver a unique service, result or product to your customers.

Business Analysis

TekSky offers a complete package of business analysis services to gather, examine confirm and communicate information and processes on business changes.


Managed Services

Sometimes companies need a little help on the way to achieve their objectives. TekSky will work with your business to ensure you’re using technologies to your advantage.


Offshore/onshore Services

Today, companies have the flexibility to gain wilful labor from different sectors of the market, as well as different areas across the globe, without having to spend much time and money on on boarding.

SOW Services

Your business relies on gaining the opportunities from your clients. As we’re committed to customer satisfaction and attention to detail, Teksky consultants have many years working to help our clients with capitalizing on these opportunities. Developing a sound Statement of Work (SOW) takes time and care to ensure all requirements are addressed. We’ll help you with tailoring each SOW to match your project’s requirements.

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Technical Consulting

tekSky enables your organization to run more smoothly by implementing the correct technological support and direction that will move your business rapidly toward your goals. We provide professional technical consulting services such as training, troubleshooting and reporting. Our team has experience working with companies in marketing, sales, telecommunications and IT to deliver continuous growth.