Recruitment Process Outsourcing


Solutions that drive your recruitment forward

TekSky strives to be the world’s best strategic human capital placement partner, delivering diverse, agile, and talented workforce solutions. By focusing on the needs of our esteemed clients, we provide employers with the best-talented employees. Having decades of experience in the booming recruiting and staffing industry, we combine industry expertise, proven execution, and creative thinking to deliver innovative workforce solutions.
We focus on niche markets, and our extensive networks allow us to match client requirements with the best talent. This approach is scalable and can hire people based on the unique skills demanded by the job, reducing recruitment costs and increasing the effectiveness of the client’s workforce.

Multiple Staffing Assignments

An RPO serves as the HR department’s extension and enables the HR’s capabilities to help with a particular assignment, function or project. It quickly provides a scalable structure and resources needed to deal with the volume without wastage or inefficiency.

Qualified professionals.

The complete recruitment tasks are taken care of by qualified professionals.

Professional attention

Each position/project receives the time and professional attention it deserves.

Quality of recruitment

Volume of staffing assignments does not affect the quality of recruitment of any position.


Understaffed and Inexperienced HR Function

An RPO option can help put the systems, processes and resources in place to take the project from inception to execution. The model can work as a Built, Operate and Transfer concept, where the RPO company helps, places the structure and defines the activities to complete the project while recruiting and training the HR staff for the client company to take over the project in the longer term.

Complex Organizational Structure

RPO enables complex organizations to enforce uniformity in their recruitment process and maintain homogeneity across their workforce. It maintains compliance standards and benchmarks that produce hiring procedures that foster rational and rigorous selection.

Withdraws Inefficient, Costly Hiring Procedure

An RPO solution can help remove high costs (while improving the entire recruitment process). RPO replaces specific, costly procedures that economically acquire a pool of qualified talent.


No one size fits all

You can know which RPO solution is right for your organization from an RPO partner like TekSky, which can help businesses centralize their hiring efforts. Whether you need partial or total recruitment support, we got you assisted!

Here are the RPO services we cover.


Enterprise RPO

Enterprise RPO is a comprehensive solution that encompasses all aspects of the recruitment process, from candidate sourcing to screening to conducting interviews and everything involved in the pre & post-selection process.


On-demand RPO

We incorporate technology, predictive analytics, and experience to deliver a unique solution that helps you enhance your organizational growth. You require on-demand recruitment solutions when you need more support than the originally projected estimation. An on-demand partnership may expand in scope or services as your requirements evolve.


Project RPO

With this RPO model, we help organizations find, build, remodel, and optimize talent as it increases recruiting effectiveness, giving your organization a competitive edge. We believe better hiring creates a more effective environment for management and execution, boosting the company’s overall performance.
Project RPO Helps you with expansions into new sales territories or markets

Contingent Workforce *Managed Services Program (MSP)"

The contingent recruitment model is an alternative to traditional hiring techniques. It is cost-effective based on a cost-per-hire basis and shortens the time it takes to fill positions. Whether you need positions filled or advice to build up your internal hiring practices, we have the expertise to get you started.


HR departments are being asked to do more with less. TekSky RPO can reinforce recruiting resources for new market opportunities, facility expansions, specific skill sets and more, with a freed-up HR to focus on strategic company goals.


Our customizable solutions allow you to scale your outsourcing up or down during high and low volume periods.

Faster Hiring

Elevate performance metrics, like time to fill, while significantly increasing the quality of hire and new hire retention


Our proprietary talent technology, TalentPathway, can help you optimize your recruiting by leveraging AI, recruitment marketing, machine learning and predictive analytics.

Capability to change inside-out

Whether enterprise-level or short-term projects, RPO helps organizations hire the best talent efficiently and effortlessly besides giving you these benefits